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DunkinDonuts LLC is an international donut and coffee chain with more than 12,900 locations in 42 states in the United States. Bill Rosenberg founded the company in 1950, in Quincy, Massachusetts. In 2019, the company was acquired by Baskin Robbin’s and soon purchased by Inspire Brands. They began to rebrand the chain to a “beverage-led company” and they renamed the chain Dunkin and goes by its initials DD.


DunkinDonuts is known for its unique, consistent, rich-tasting coffee and donuts. They also offer varieties of bagel and munchkins which also became a hit among customers. The company sells 2.9 billion donuts and munchkins and 2 billion cups of coffee annually around the world.

The chain’s first headquarter was located in Quincy, Massachusetts, and relocated to Canton, Massachusetts. It was operated under the name Dunkin‘ Brands and that includes the three fast-food restaurants Dunkin‘, Baskin Robbins, and Mister Donut. The company’s annual income reached 6 billion dollars by 2010.

In the late ’70s and ’80s, they used to sell Easter Egg donuts, egg shaped donuts covered with chocolate. The company became a pioneer in the early days and even when they only have 4 flavors of donuts they manage to earn a spot in the Freedom Fighter Hall Of Fame. Now, they offer 52 varieties of donuts and they keep adding as time passes.

Dunkin' Donuts

When it comes to marketing, Dunkin‘ featured Fred The Baker (a famous advertising persona in the 1980s) in its “It’s Worth the Trip” commercial. It became one of the best television advertisements and won honors from the Television Bureau and even came up with the catchphrase “Time to make the donuts” which later became “America Runs on Dunkin‘” in 2006. The company has a close affiliation with an American professional baseball team called Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots in making commercials and promotions. Dunkin‘ became one of the sponsors of these items including New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, New York Mets, Tampa Bay Rays, and Philadelphia Eagles.

The first logo of DunkinDonuts was a drawing of a cartoon character that has a donut body on a coffee cup and a garrison cap that has Dunkin‘ on it. It was primarily in a yellow and brown color, which became hot pink to show a stylized coffee cup and for branding.

The company partnered with an American food ordering and delivery service company called Grubhub in 2019. For a healthier option, they also partnered with a plant-based producer company called Beyond Meat. They introduced their meatless breakfast options in Manhattan and became the first restaurant to offer Beyond Sausage, a plant-based patty sandwich at Dunkin‘.

Today, Dunkin‘ has been one of the top competing fast-food chains in the United States. They offer dozen coffee beverages, varieties of donuts, sandwiches, munchkins, and bagels. They are looking for more ideas and innovations to expand into more on-the-go food options as well as a place for customers to hang out.

The company is starting to offer healthier options to its customers by having vegan items and keto options on its menu. They also have their website and app so you can check out their food items and use them to order. It’s also a great tool if you’re on a specific diet, you can calculate your macronutrients beforehand.

Below is the list of diet options at Dunkin‘. No matter what diet you’re on, they sure have something for everyone.