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Is McDonald’s 2 for 6 Deal Still Available?

In the world of fast food, few things are as enticing as a great deal. And when it comes to deals, McDonald’s has a history of serving up some of the most tantalizing. One such offer that created quite a stir was the McDonald’s “2 for $6” deal.

mcdonald's 2 for 6 deal

Imagine walking into your local McDonald’s and walking out with two of your favorite menu items, all for the price of a mere six dollars. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, for a time, this was a reality.

But what exactly was this deal? Why did it cause such a buzz? And most importantly, could we see its return? Let’s dive into the delicious details of the McDonald’s “2 for $6” deal.

Understanding the 2 for 6 Deal

The McDonald’s 2 for 6 deal was a simple yet ingenious concept. It allowed customers to choose two of their favorite menu items for a total price of just $6. This deal was a game-changer in the fast-food industry, offering customers the flexibility to mix and match their meals while also providing significant cost savings.

Can Customers Save with the 2 for 6 Deal?

The answer is a resounding yes. The 2 for 6 deal was a win-win for customers. If we delve into the numbers, most individual items on the McDonald’s menu cost around $5.

With the 2 for 6 deal, for just an extra dollar, customers could double their order. This meant that customers could enjoy two of their favorite items at a price that was significantly lower than if they were purchased separately.

Menu Items in the 2 for 6 Deal

2 for 6

The 2 for 6 deal was not just about savings; it was also about taste. The deal included some of the most popular items on the McDonald’s menu. Customers could choose from a variety of options, ensuring that there was something for everyone in the 2 for 6 deal.

Big Mac

The Big Mac is a McDonald’s classic and a fan favorite worldwide. With two beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun, it’s a hearty and satisfying choice.

Quarter Pounder with Cheese

The Quarter Pounder with Cheese is a delight for cheese and beef lovers. It features a quarter-pound beef patty topped with slivered onions, tangy pickles, two slices of melty cheese, and a dollop of ketchup and mustard.

10-piece Chicken McNuggets

The 10-piece Chicken McNuggets are perfect for those who prefer poultry. These golden, crispy nuggets are made with 100% white meat chicken and can be paired with a variety of dipping sauces.


The Filet-O-Fish offers a lighter, seafood option. It features a breaded fish fillet, tartar sauce, and a slice of American cheese, all sandwiched between a soft, steamed bun.

Each of these items brought something unique to the 2 for 6 deal, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you were a beef lover, a chicken fan, or a seafood enthusiast, the 2 for 6 deal had something for you.

How to Get the 2 for 6 Deal

Availing the 2 for 6 deal was as easy as ordering your regular meal. Customers could get the deal at any McDonald’s outlet or through various online platforms. Whether you were ordering in-store, through the McDonald’s app, or from a delivery platform like Uber Eats or DoorDash, the 2 for 6 deal was just a few clicks away.

Customer Response to the 2 for 6 Deal

The 2 for 6 deal was met with overwhelming positivity from customers. The combination of value and variety resonated with customers, leading to a significant increase in sales during the deal’s run. The deal also generated a lot of buzz on social media, further boosting its popularity.

Will the 2 for 6 Deal Come Back?

While the 2 for 6 deal was a limited-time offer, many customers and industry experts speculate about its return. McDonald’s has a history of bringing back popular deals, and given the success of the 2 for 6 deal, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it make a comeback.

How to Check for McDonald’s Deals

Alright, let’s talk deals. We all love a good bargain, especially when it comes to food, right? And when it’s McDonald’s, the stakes are even higher (I mean, who can resist a discounted Big Mac?).

But how do you keep track of all the mouth-watering deals that McDonald’s keeps dishing out? Well, my friend, you’re in luck. I’ve got a simple, step-by-step guide that will turn you into a McDonald’s deal-hunting pro in no time. So, grab a cup of coffee (or a McFlurry, if you prefer), sit back, and let’s dive in!

  1. Visit the Official McDonald’s Website: The first step is to visit the official McDonald’s website. This is where McDonald’s posts all its latest deals and offers.
  2. Look for the ‘Deals’ Section: On the McDonald’s homepage, look for a section labeled ‘Deals’ or ‘Offers’. This is typically located in the main navigation menu at the top of the page.
  3. Browse the Deals: Click on the ‘Deals’ or ‘Offers’ section to view all the current deals available at McDonald’s. These can range from discounts on specific items to combo meal deals.
  4. Check the Terms: Be sure to check the terms and conditions of each deal. Some deals may only be available at certain times of the day or on specific days of the week.
  5. Download the McDonald’s App: For more deals and offers, consider downloading the McDonald’s app. The app often has exclusive deals that are not available on the website.
  6. Sign Up for McDonald’s Emails: To stay updated on the latest deals, consider signing up for McDonald’s emails. You’ll receive notifications about new deals and offers directly in your inbox.
  7. Check Delivery Platforms: If you prefer to order your McDonald’s meals for delivery, check platforms like Uber Eats or DoorDash. These platforms often have exclusive McDonald’s deals and offers.

Remember, deals and offers can change frequently, so it’s a good idea to check for new deals regularly.

Conclusion: The Impact of the 2 for 6 Deal

The McDonald’s 2 for 6 deal was more than just a promotional offer; it was a testament to the power of value and variety in the fast-food industry. The deal offered customers the chance to enjoy their favorite items at a discounted price, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

While the deal is currently unavailable, the anticipation for its return remains high. In the meantime, customers are encouraged to stay updated with the latest McDonald’s deals for more opportunities to save and enjoy their favorite meals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does McDonald’s still have 2 for 6 deal?

No, as of 2023, McDonald’s no longer offers the 2 for 6 deal. This popular deal was a limited-time offer and has since been discontinued. However, McDonald’s frequently introduces new deals, so it’s always worth checking their current offers.

Does McDonald’s still have mix and match deal in 2023?

As of 2023, the availability of the mix and match deal at McDonald’s can vary. The mix and match deal, like many of McDonald’s promotions, is often a limited-time offer and its availability can depend on the location and time of year. It’s best to check with your local McDonald’s or on their official website for the most accurate information.

Does McDonald’s have 2 for 5?

As of 2023, McDonald’s does not have a 2 for 5 deal available. Similar to the 2 for 6 deal, the 2 for 5 deal was a limited-time offer and has since been discontinued. However, McDonald’s is known for bringing back popular deals, so it’s possible that it could return in the future.

What sandwiches come with 2 for 6?

When the 2 for 6 deal was available, it included the Big Mac and the Quarter Pounder with Cheese. These are two of McDonald’s most popular sandwiches and were included in the deal along with other menu items like the 10-piece Chicken McNuggets and the Filet-O-Fish.

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