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Panera Bread Company is a famous American bakery-café company operating over 2,000 fast casual restaurants in 48 states in the United States and Canada. The company’s headquarters are located in Sunset Hills, Missouri. Panera was founded in 1987 and began as the St. Louis Bread Company which was founded by Ken and Linda Rosenthal.


The company was sold for 23 million dollars to Au Bon Pain Co, a public company. Au Bon Pain changed the name from St. Louis Bread Company to Panera. The word Panera came from “Bread Basket” which is a Latin word. In 1999, the Au Bon Pain Co was sold for 78 million dollars to Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Co. (American private equity firm) and now owns by JAB Holding Company.

Panera grew and expanded to become a community bakery with a sourdough starter from San Francisco. Its goal was to put a loaf of bread in every arm. Their business has grown a lot since then, but baking bread from scratch every day is still at the core of what they do. Panera‘s trained bakers make sure that each day their bakery is stocked with freshly baked delicious goodies like cookies, pastries, bagels, and bread of all sorts.

They are known for their freshly baked pastries, cookies, range of bread from classic baguettes to focaccia, and bagels. The company believes in serving delicious, freshly prepared food made with carefully selected ingredients. Panera‘s menu features classic, comforting dishes crafted by chefs and bakers that are designed to serve families. Panera also focuses on improving quality and convenience. With the company’s investments in technology and operations, they make it easy for its customer to get their Panera favorites that suit their needs – including catering, mobile ordering, or picking up your food.

Panera Food

The company has already expanded its menu. They offer soups such as Mac & Cheese, Vegetarian Autumn Squash Soup, Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup, and more. Their sandwich items include Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt, Roasted Turkey & Avocado BLT, Toasted Frontega Chicken, and Bacon Turkey Bravo Sandwich. They have a wide range of Bagels such as Blueberry Bagel, Cinnamon Swirl Bagel, Everything Bagel, and more. Their breakfast items include Sausage, Scrambled Egg & Cheese on Asiago Bagel, Spinach & Bacon Souffle, Greek Yogurt with Mixed Berries Parfait, and more. They also offer salads that are freshly made every day, Caesar Chicken Salad, Green Goddess Cobb Salad with Chicken, Fuji Apple Salad with Chicken, and more.

As you can see, Panera offers a wide variety of healthy and delicious food items. The company became well-known due to this. They know how to adjust to what people want. They can also provide healthy food for different people, which fits their diets. There are plenty of different types of diets available like vegan and keto diet that has been popular in recent years. And Panera did not fail to meet this demand, they offer vegan and keto options on their menu. If you’re in those types of diets, you can check our guide on ordering at Panera below.