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Starbucks and BLACKPINK Launch Limited-Edition K-pop Merch

In the dynamic world of brand collaborations, few partnerships have sparked as much intrigue and excitement as the recent fusion of Starbucks, the global coffeehouse titan, and BLACKPINK, the chart-topping K-pop sensation. This unexpected alliance, blending the rich, aromatic world of coffee with the vibrant, pulsating realm of K-pop, has created a buzz that resonates far beyond the realms of music and mocha. 

starbucks and blackpink

As we delve into this unique collaboration, prepare to immerse yourself in a story that’s as rich and complex as a Starbucks espresso, and as electrifying and colorful as a BLACKPINK concert.

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to explore the captivating journey of how Starbucks and BLACKPINK brewed a perfect blend of coffee and K-pop.

Starbucks and BLACKPINK: A Unique Collaboration

When Starbucks and BLACKPINK announced their collaboration, it was a moment that marked a significant milestone in the world of brand partnerships.

This was not just a meeting of two brands, but a fusion of two cultures – the comforting, familiar world of Starbucks coffee and the electrifying, colorful universe of BLACKPINK’s K-pop. The collaboration was a bold move that demonstrated the power of cross-industry partnerships in creating unique experiences for consumers.

Embracing the K-pop Culture

The influence of K-pop on this collaboration is unmistakable. BLACKPINK, with their global fanbase and vibrant music, brought a fresh, youthful energy to the partnership. The collaboration reflects the bright and bold style of BLACKPINK, a style that resonates with their fans and has now been infused into Starbucks’ offerings.

The BLACKPINK x Starbucks Collection: A Fusion of Brands

The merchandise collection from this collaboration is a testament to the fusion of Starbucks’ coffee culture and BLACKPINK’s vibrant style. It includes 11 types of drinkware and 6 lifestyle accessories featuring a contrasting pink and black color palette and graffiti motifs.

The merchandise includes reusable cups, mugs, tote bags, yoga mats, and key chains. The collection will be available from July 25 for a limited time at select Starbucks stores.

Merch: More than Just Coffee

The merchandise in the collection goes beyond the usual coffee offerings. From unique Starbucks tumblers adorned with BLACKPINK’s signature colors to lifestyle accessories that reflect the group’s dynamic energy, the collection offers fans a chance to express their love for both brands in a tangible way.

Passport to BLACKPINK’s World

One of the standout items in the collection is the passport holder. This item not only reflects the global appeal of BLACKPINK and Starbucks but also symbolizes the journey that fans are invited to embark on with this collaboration.

Impact of the Starbucks and BLACKPINK Collaboration


The collaboration between Starbucks and BLACKPINK has created a significant ripple effect in the world of brand partnerships, pop culture, and consumer engagement. This unique blend of coffee culture and K-pop has not only amplified the visibility of both brands but also redefined their brand image.

Boosting Brand Visibility

The collaboration has significantly boosted the visibility of both Starbucks and BLACKPINK. For Starbucks, this partnership has allowed the brand to tap into the massive global fanbase of BLACKPINK, known as BLINKs.

This has expanded their reach, particularly among younger demographics who are avid K-pop fans. On the other hand, BLACKPINK has also benefited from the global presence of Starbucks, gaining exposure among coffee lovers who may not have been familiar with the K-pop scene.

Enhancing Brand Image

Beyond visibility, the collaboration has also enhanced the brand image of both Starbucks and BLACKPINK. Starbucks, known for its innovative and customer-centric approach, has further solidified its image as a brand that is in tune with popular culture and trends. BLACKPINK, on the other hand, has demonstrated their versatility and appeal beyond music, reinforcing their status as global influencers.

Positive Reception from Fans and Customers

The positive reception from fans and customers alike is a testament to the power of such innovative partnerships. The unique blend of Starbucks‘ coffee culture and BLACKPINK’s vibrant music has resonated with consumers, creating a unique experience that goes beyond the usual product offerings. This has resulted in increased engagement and customer loyalty for both brands.

Setting a Precedent for Future Collaborations

The success of the Starbucks and BLACKPINK collaboration has set a precedent for future partnerships between brands and pop culture entities. It has shown that such collaborations can result in a win-win situation, where both parties can leverage each other’s strengths to create unique experiences for consumers.

This could potentially pave the way for more innovative collaborations in the future, reshaping the landscape of brand partnerships.

Conclusion: Starbucks and BLACKPINK’s Bright and Bold Future

Reflecting on the success of this collaboration, it’s clear that Starbucks and BLACKPINK have brewed a perfect blend of coffee and K-pop. The collaboration has set a precedent for future partnerships, opening up possibilities for Starbucks to collaborate with other K-pop groups.

As we look towards the future, it’s exciting to imagine the potential impact of such collaborations on the global reach of brands like Starbucks and BLACKPINK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blackpink Collabing with Starbucks?

Yes, BLACKPINK is collaborating with Starbucks. This unique partnership has resulted in a special collection that includes a BLACKPINK-themed Frappuccino and a range of limited-edition merchandise. The collaboration has been a hit among fans of both the K-pop group and the coffeehouse chain, demonstrating the power of cross-industry partnerships.

Which company brand ambassador is Blackpink?

BLACKPINK serves as brand ambassadors for several companies. These include luxury fashion brands like Chanel and Dior, cosmetics brands like MAC, and technology companies like Samsung. Their global appeal and influence have made them a popular choice for brands looking to reach a young, international audience.

Which Blackpink members are luxury brand ambassadors?

All members of BLACKPINK are ambassadors for luxury brands. Jisoo is an ambassador for Dior, Jennie for Chanel, Rosé for Saint Laurent, and Lisa for Celine. Their association with these high-end brands reflects their global influence and the significant impact they have in the fashion industry.

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